Wildernesse Club

The Bishop's Bowl 2023

Sunday 10th September 2023, White Tees, Wildernesse Golf Club

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Danny Jones (-5)6868136-8
2nd Jake Antoun (-2)6968137-7
3rd Charlie Hickling (-3)6475139-5
4th Conor Byers Langley Park (-3)7070140-4
5th Nick Panting Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (-2)7072142-2
5th Liam Burns Chislehurst Golf Club (-7)7072142-2
7th Taran Randall Kings Hill (-2)7276148+4
8th Sam Pantlin Pedham Place Golf Centre (0)7277149+5
9th Joseph Blake Bearsted (-2)7872150+6
9th Jack Edge Sundridge Park (-1)7575150+6
9th Billy Scamp Chelsfield Lakes (-3)7575150+6
12th Jacob Kelso Kings Hill (-3)7972151+7
12th Luke Jenkins Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (-5)7378151+7
14th Harry Knight Mid-Kent (1)7676152+8
15th Jonathan Exon-Taylor Nevill Golf Club (-1)7875153+9
15th Mark Durrant Ilford (1)7776153+9
17th Sam Russell Royal Eastbourne (-1)7976155+11
17th Alex Bourne London Golf Club (-2)7778155+11
17th Danny Holmes London Golf Club (-2)7481155+11
20th Mark Roy (0)8373156+12
20th Markus Gronlund Sundridge Park (2)8373156+12
20th Matthew Gibson Royal Blackheath (0)8076156+12
20th Dan Dring Sundridge Park (-1)7977156+12
20th Richard Barnes Burhill (1)7581156+12
20th Andrew Francis Bearsted (1)7482156+12
26th Andy Scott (4)7978157+13
26th Fergal Crichton-Coote Highwoods (Bexhill) (4)7978157+13
28th Max Hansford (2)8078158+14
28th Peter Hunt Sittingbourne & Milton Regis (3)7682158+14
30th Matt Jarvis Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (-2)8277159+15
31st Danny Curtis Knole Park (2)8181162+18
31st shaun welch Birchwood Park Golf Centre (3)7884162+18
33rd Lazare Morel London Golf Club (0)8578163+19
34th Olly Pratt Royal Blackheath (1)8183164+20
34th Freddie Neden The Royal St George's (1)7787164+20
36th Mark Higgins Chartham Park Golf Club (1)8283165+21
37th Adam Watts Redlibbets (4)8383166+22
38th Kiran Prevett Shortlands (4)8186167+23
39th David Scott Royal Eastbourne (4)8385168+24
40th Louis Vaughan Pedham Place Golf Centre (4)8683169+25
41st Charlie Wills Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (0)8783170+26
41st Tommy Hartshorn Kings Hill (3)8684170+26
43rd Steven Robson Canterbury (1)8886174+30
44th Giles Brennan Pedham Place Golf Centre (4)9287179+35
45th Andrew Fargie Farleigh Golf Club (4)9688184+40
46th Bob Florence Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (0)78NRNR 
47th James Bowditch Kings Hill (-1)83NRNR 
48th Anthony Uden Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (3)92NRNR 
49th Scott Beattie Finchley (6)84NRNR 
50th Matthew Briers (2)79DQDQ 
51st Philip Judge Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (0)78WDWD 
52nd Danny Smith Sundridge Park (0)73WDWD 

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