Wildernesse Club

Meet The Team

The Professional Team

Our team boasts 3 PGA Professionals underpinned by a very simple ethos - to improve skills and golfing confidence, simultaneously. Despite their golfing successes, our Professionals remain approachable, amenable, affable and affordable. They constantly research technology and hardware to enhance pupils’ game and are genuinely thrilled when personal golfing ambitions are achieved. Golf should also be fun. It is a sport to be passionate about, but you should also have fun along the way. At any golf club you should have good times with good friends and that includes the Professionals.

Our Ethos

Learning the game of golf can be a daunting prospect and can be viewed as a game of overly technical movements and complicated positions. Our coaches all have a style and ethos of simplicity. Our coaching is jargon-free and uses practical and visual aids to help retain new information. Our coaching style, therefore, revolves around the following:

  • Teach the individual
  • Work with the pupils’ constraints
  • Keep it simple
  • Ensure the pupil understands the reasons for the changes/technique
  • Create an enjoyment factor while instilling confidence into the pupil
  • Use technology to identify weaknesses then practice, practice, practice

To find out more about our team, please follow the links below.

Phil Beever - PGA HEAD Professional
Jake Oudes - PGA professional

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